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The amixer linux command manual page and help. The amixer allows the ALSA sound card driver to control the mixer at the command line. The amixer supports multiple sound cards. The amixer displays the current settings of the default sound card and device mixer for running without arguments. This is a good way to see a list of simple mixer controls.

mysqld (MySQL / MariaDB server)

The mysqld (MySQL / MariaDB server) manual page and help. Mysqld, also known as MariaDB Server, is the main program that does most of the work of a MariaDB. MariaDB Server manages access to the MariaDB data directory, which contains databases and tables. The data directory is also the default location for other information, such as log files and status files.

enable (built-in Bash command)

The manual page and help for the enable built-in Bash command. Enable is a tool for enabling and disabling built-in shell commands. Enables and disables built-in commands. By disabling a command, you can run a program with the same name as the built-in command without entering a path.


Manual page and help for the cdebootstrap linux command. Cdebootstrap builds the base Debian system of CODENAME (eg jessie, stretch, sid) from ORIGIN (eg Debian, Ubuntu) to TARGET using the source specified in MIRROR. It supports http: //, ftp: //, file: // and ssh: // URLs, and defaults to uses a route.


Manual page and help for the ftp linux command. Ftp is the standard File Transfer Protocol command line user interface for the Internet. The program allows the user to transfer files back and forth to a remote network location. Options can be specified from the command line or in the ftp client's own shell.

sftp (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

Manual page and help for the sftp linux command. Sftp is a file transfer program, similar to ftp, that performs all operations over an encrypted ssh transfer channel. Many features of ssh can be used, such as public key authentication and compression.


The manual page of the nologin linux command. The nologin command displays a message that the account is not available and exits with a non-zero value. Serves as a shell field for disabled accounts.


Manual page and help for the mysqlbinlog linux command. The server binary log consists of files containing "events" that describe how to modify the contents of the database. The server writes these files in binary format. The mysqlbinlog utility is used to display the content in text. You can also use mysqlbinlog to display the contents of the forwarding log files written by the slave server in the replication option because the format of the forwarding logs is the same as the format of the binary logs.

disown (built-in Bash command)

The manual page and help for the disown built-in Bash command. The disown command removes all JOBS jobs from the active jobs table. Removes the current job memorized by the shell without specifying the JOB NUMBER.


Manual page and help for the ps2ascii linux command. Ps2ascii is a ghostscript converter that generates ASCII files from PostScript or PDF files.