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welcome to site!

I'm Péter Botond, IT, Programmer and Web Developer.
I started programming in 1985 on a Commodore 64 computer, and later, when I was in high school ('93'), I became acquainted with Linux. Since then, I have had a few more attempts at the system, but in the end I have always been distracted. Then in the last few years, after many years of skipping, I started learning Linux again because my work (and now my hobby) made it necessary. So now I can handle it almost full time.

I currently rent a dedicated server that I run several projects of my own, including this one. I also manage the server myself, which requires extra work, I can learn a lot of new things in exchange, so I like to do it more and more. So, with very little Linux knowledge, I was immediately plunged into deep water, which forced me to learn quickly in real-life situations. I am happy about it afterwards, because I have achieved better development results than just browsing through specialist books.

I note down the tasks, new solutions, and problems I have solved during my work so that I can remember them more easily, and if I have to face a similar task later, I can solve it more easily and in less time with the help of my notes and notes. Over time, these notes have multiplied, making it necessary to organize them so that I can easily find what I need. This is where the idea came from creating a page where I put them in tutorials, articles, categorized, labeled, to help others.

So I created this site to share my past and recent experiences here, and to get to know Drupal better CMS system also from which this page is made. So now I don't have to focus on improving the site, but I can focus more on work and content.

So I wouldn't call myself a Linux guru, I'd rather be an enthusiastic amateur who learns new things quickly and easily. So my job is also my hobby. :)

My goal is to continually improve my knowledge of Linux and to pass this knowledge on to others.

Some of the tutorials that come to the site come from other websites - from which I have acquired the necessary knowledge - I always make them myself, test them, comment them, add them, etc., because this is the only way to make sure it works. The other part of the tutorials is based on your own recipes. I always take screenshots, comments, etc. for them. And I try to present all of this in a more sophisticated, high quality format and in a clear way.

In tutorials, I use highlight panels with different icons to help make the content clearer. You can find out more about them here.

If you have any questions, comments on articles, tutorials, feel free to post (after registration) in the comments, or if you would like to contact me, you can do so at:

I trust that the ever expanding content here will help readers.

I wish you a pleasant stay!