July 2020

How to Convert m4a Music Files to MP3

botond published 2020. 07. 18, Sat - 12: 42 time
Our purchased music files may not be in the most common mp3 format, but in m4a, for example. This wouldn't be a problem at all, because most music players know many formats, so there's a good chance we can play our music. But what if your favorite player still doesn't know this format and you don't want to switch to another player app? In this case, it will be necessary to convert our files to a format that our player also supports. In this tutorial, we will look at how to convert m4a music files to mp3 on Debian and Ubuntu systems by trying out several methods.

How to control your remote computer with Chrome Remote Desktop

botond published 2020. 07. 09., Cs - 16: 27 time
There is often a need to control a remote computer from another machine or even our cell phone. I installed Google Remote Desktop to control my Debian 10 from the other desktop, but I found that the remote Debian came in with a blank desktop on the remote control interface. This is because Google Remote Desktop on Linux machines basically starts a new session instead of using an existing desktop. In this description, after installing and starting the program, we make a setting that allows the remote control part to be connected to the same session on Linux host machines, which allows us to use the remote control system in the usual way.