September 2019

How to install newer PHP versions on our Debian 9 (Stretch) LAMP server in PHP-FPM mode

botond published 2019. 09. 28, Sat - 23: 39 time
The official repository for the Debian 9 (Stretch) system is available with the 7.0.x version of PHP, which is a little overdue and will not receive any updates. Therefore, we may need newer versions if we are running live web pages, or we can even upgrade our test environment. In this tutorial, we will conveniently install multiple PHP versions using's external repository, which can be used side-by-side on our Debian-based servers using the PHP-FPM Server API.

How to flexibly handle parameters in our shell scripts

botond published 2019. 09. 11, Wed - 15: 25 time
The important thing about programming is that when you write a program that performs a specific task, your code should be prepared for multiple scenarios, variations, and if possible, parameterized - to fine-tune its operation. This is no different for shell scripts. In today's example, we'll look at how we can flexibly handle the parameters we get in our scripts to help make programs easier for others to use.