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Getting to Know the Whiptail Dialogue Maker

botond published 2018. 10. 22., H - 02: 44 time
In this tutorial, we will introduce you to whiptail, how to display various dialog boxes in our shell scripts, such as info boxes, message boxes, yes / no question boxes, text entry boxes and text boxes to help make our programs convenient for our users.

Install and apply character sets

botond published 2018. 10. 20, Sat - 00: 22 time
This tutorial explains how to install new character sets on your Linux system, which you can then configure and use in various graphics programs.


botond published 2018. 10. 17, Wed - 22: 16 time
Introduction to the Cygwin program environment in the encyclopedia


botond published 2018. 10. 05., P - 19: 38 time
Roundcube is an open source, free web mail software presentation in the encyclopedia.


botond published 2018. 10. 03, Wed - 19: 53 time
Introducing the Incron File System Monitor in the Encyclopedia