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Install Let's Encrypt Free SSL on an ISPConfig3 server environment

botond published 2018. 12. 04., K - 01: 27 time
In this tutorial, we will install Let's Encrypt Certbot on an ISPConfig3 server environment. Once the installation is complete, our system is ready to obtain and automatically configure and renew free SSL certificates for server-managed domain names so that any web site we manage can be operated over the secure HTTPS protocol with a few clicks.

How to extend phpMyAdmin sessions

botond published 2018. 11. 28, Wed - 22: 55 time
In this short tutorial, we'll look at how to set a longer session time on phpMyAdmin so you don't have to toss it during your daily work.

How to share directories between Linux and Windows

botond published 2018. 11. 20., K - 14: 28 time
Use this tutorial to learn how to share directories and files on Linux and Windows computers so that they can be accessed from other systems on the network. We get to know the Samba file server and client, which is great for managing sharing in both directions.

Creating a bootable flash drive on Debian

botond published 2018. 11. 06., K - 02: 45 time
In this tutorial, we create a bootable flash drive on Debian using two methods: Using unetbootin and then using the dd command.