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How to access SSH file systems on remote servers from linux

botond published 2019/10/29, k - 20:36 time
If you often work on remote file systems, it is a good idea to mount them on your own file system so that you do not have to log on to another machine or connect to any server every time, but use that storage as if it were your local directory.

Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs)

botond published 2019/10/22, k - 19:40 time
Apache Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs) Introduction to Encyclopedia: Apache's modular architecture allows the server to contain a variety of modules that can more efficiently handle incoming requests by running multiple child processes. These modules are called Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs).

New features and changes to the Debian 10 (Buster) operating system

botond published 2019. 10. 21., h - 12:30 time
A Debian 10 (Buster) 2019. released on July 6, which again has many new features compared to its predecessor. In this article, I summarize what's new and changed from Debian's 10 (Buster) Linux operating system over its predecessor.

How to install newer PHP versions on our Debian 9 (Stretch) LAMP server in PHP-FPM mode

botond published 2019/09/28, Sat - 23:39 time
The official repository for Debian 9 (Stretch) has PHP 7.0.x, which is a bit out of date, and you won't receive any updates. Therefore, we may need newer versions if we run live websites, but we can even expand our test environment. In this description, we will conveniently install several versions of PHP using the external repository, which can be run side-by-side on our Debian-based servers using the PHP-FPM server API.

How to flexibly handle parameters in our shell scripts

botond published Jan. 2019, 09, 11:15 p.m. time
When programming, it is important that when we write a program that performs a certain task, our code should be prepared for several possibilities, variations and, if possible, parameterized - with which we can make its operation fine-tuned. This is no different for shell scripts. In today’s example, we’ll look at how we can flexibly handle the parameters we get in our scripts, making it easier to create programs that are easier for others to use.

How to install Matomo (formerly Piwik) web analytics software on our Apache server

botond published 2019/09/01, v - 16:01 time
In this tutorial, we will install Matomo (formerly Piwik) web analytics system on an existing server, which will then provide us with detailed statistics on visitor traffic to websites running on the server. First, we create the database, storage, and configure the Apache for the system ...


botond published Jan. 2019, 08, 07:13 p.m. time
Wine is an open source code derived from the abbreviation "Wine is Not an Emulator", which provides a compatibility layer for UNIX-like operating systems, such as Linux, for running Windows applications and games, macOS and BSD.