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Debian 8 (Jessie)

botond published 2018. 04. 23., H - 19: 06 time
The download page contains a VirtualBox image for the Debian 8.10 (Jessie) minimum server installation

Install Debian 8 (Jessie) Minimum Server

botond published 2018. 04. 21, Sat - 23: 23 time
This tutorial describes how to install Debian 8 (Jessie) Linux in minimal console mode. Our goal is to have a clean installation that will be the starting point for more descriptions on the page.

How to Build a Bootable Drive with Rufus

botond published 2018. 04. 21, Sat - 15: 20 time
This tutorial describes how to use the Rufus program to write the operating system setup image files to USB flash drives.


botond published 2018. 04. 20., P - 11: 35 time
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), also known as dynamic host configuration protocol brief introduction.

The command line

botond published 2018. 04. 14, Sat - 01: 37 time
Most of the tutorials on this page can only be executed from the command line (CLI), that is, typed into the terminal. Therefore, it is worth mentioning a few words about terminals. In this article, I will not go into the technical details, just a brief, comprehensive introduction to the subject. More detailed information can be found in the encyclopedia.

Linux Standard Base (LSB)

botond published 2018. 04. 13., P - 04: 22 time
LSB is a set of code standards designed to reduce the differences between Linux distributions

What is Linux?

botond published 2018. 04. 12., Cs - 22: 52 time
A few sentences about the emergence and spread of Linux.


botond published 2018. 03. 26., H - 23: 20 time
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