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How to create an SFTP user without shell access on your Linux system

botond published 2021. 01. 20, Wed - 22: 38 time
You may want to share larger files with others, or just receive ones that no longer fit in an email. Of course, there are also free file shares for this purpose, but if two-way data transfer is required more often, for example during teleworking, it is more expedient to solve this ourselves. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is great for this, offering a secure file transfer solution over an SSH connection, unlike an unencrypted and outdated FTP connection. SFTP is available by default on any server that also has SSH access. As a result, in the present situation, the SSH connection has so many beauty flaws that it also provides a shell access, which we will not need here right now, because we do not want to be able to access other directories on our computer through the access we share. In this tutorial, we will look at how to create an SFTP user without shell access on your Linux system.

Installing and setting up Drupal 9 CMS system

botond published 2021. 01. 10., V - 16: 43 time
Drupal is a free CMS written in PHP, the latest major version of which is 9, released on June 2020, 3. From now on, Drupal 8.9 will only receive fix packs, and support for Drupal 8, from which this page was made, will end on November 2021, 2, so I need to upgrade this page to major version 9 by now at the latest. To get acquainted, I’m making a fresh Drupal 9 installation and looking around so I don’t have to rush at the last minute to see which module will be compatible with it, how much I need to vary the page, and so on. And if I’m already installing, I’ll make a little description of it as well to see if I can provide useful info to others. I have previously prepared a guide for installing Drupal 8, in this description we will install the current release of major version 9.

How to Convert Flac Music Files to MP3s

botond published 2020. 12. 30, Wed - 23: 00 time
When downloading music, you do not always get the music files in mp3 format, but in flac or other formats, for example. In this case, it is advisable to convert them to mp3 so that it is compatible with all players and the file size is optimal. In this description, we convert from flac format to mp3 using several methods on Debian / Ubuntu systems.

How to upgrade our Matomo (formerly Piwik) web analytics system to version 4.x.

botond published 2020. 12. 15., K - 09: 30 time
The Matomo (formerly Piwik) web analytics system is a high-quality statistical tool that provides us with a detailed and comprehensive view of our website traffic. I have previously described how to install and deploy Matomo software on your own server, and in this tutorial we will review how to upgrade your web analytics system to the recently released 4.x major version. The web statistics program also contains many new features, but in this description we do not focus on these, but we satisfy the software requirements for the new main version so that the system can continue to operate stably. On this page we will make the necessary settings before the update and update Matomo.

How to shrink image files of our VirtualBox virtual machines on Linux and Windows systems

botond published 2020. 12. 02, Wed - 20: 25 time
VirtualBox allows you to run virtual machines on your computer that share the computer's hardware resources with the host operating system. VirtualBox also provides the ability to use dynamically growing storage, which allows you to create drives that are (virtually) the same fixed size inside, but the physical image files themselves are only a few megabytes in size when created and grow depending on the amount of data loaded. This is unfortunately not true backwards, so if you delete something from the virtual machine, for example, the size of the physical image file on the virtual storage device will unfortunately not be reduced. In this description, we will look at how to manually shrink the dynamically growing image files of our VirtualBox virtual machines to the size actually used on Linux and Windows systems.

Convenient use of terminal windows with Asbrú Connection Manager

botond published 2020. 11. 16., H - 23: 17 time
If you use the command line frequently and have to work in several windows at once, it is essential to have a multi-tab terminal application that is comfortable to use and has the right knowledge. In this small user tutorial, you will learn about the Asbrú Connection Manager Linux application and its basic functions. On this page, we will install the program and review the global settings.